Faith In Action Nevada

Important Announcement from our State Director

It feels strange to even write these words, but, June 30th will be my last day serving as State Director of Faith in Action Nevada.

The time I have spent as Executive Director of ACTIONN and now State Director for Faith in Action Nevada has been deeply meaningful and rewarding. I am proud of all that we have accomplished in the past four years. I am truly grateful for all of you who continue to come together to live out your faith and values.

Faith in Action Nevada has transformed in ways that I couldn’t have imagined four years ago and we are at the start of a new and powerful chapter. While I am very excited and hopeful for the organization’s future, I have also been in discernment for some time about my role moving forward. After prayer and much conversation, I decided that now is the time to create space for new leadership that will boldly lead the organization into this next season. 

The Board of Directors is currently conducting a search for the next State Director. In the interim, Faith in Action Nevada’s regional directors, Victoria Rios and Ender Austin III, will be co-leading the organization. I am confident that the Board of Directors will find the right person for this role and also have no doubt that Victoria and Ender will lead well until that time comes. 

I’m happy to say that I have been invited to join the Board of Directors to provide ongoing support to staff after my transition and will continue to be an active leader in our organizing and civic engagement work. Also, I will be moving into a new role in our community where I can continue to work to address our affordable housing crisis. I’m not able to share all of the details yet, but would love to chat if you are interested in learning more.

So, this isn’t a goodbye as much as it is me letting you know that I am simply changing roles in our shared work. We are on a powerful trajectory in both Northern and Southern Nevada and I look forward to laboring alongside you as we build communities rooted in justice, equity, and abundance.  

Finally, I want to simply say thank you. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to transform our communities. I am profoundly grateful to be a part of this organization and to be in community with you.  The best is yet to come, so let’s keep fighting the good fight.

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