Faith In Action Nevada

J.D. Klippenstein, Statewide Director

I became ACTIONN’s Executive Director nearly 4 years ago. Where we are today as Faith in Action Nevada is beyond anything I could have imagined when I started. We are more powerful, diverse, and prophetic than ever before. We are also set to have a bigger impact in our community, our state, and our country than ever before.

I am humbled by my colleagues and the leaders that have been so instrumental in the transformation of our organization. I am inspired by my neighbors and friends who have organized, shared their stories, and built power as we fought for economic and racial justice these past years. 

I am also convinced that it is as critical a time as ever for people of faith and goodwill to step up. Scarcity, hate, and fear have too tight a grip on our communities. White supremacy, COVID-19, housing insecurity, and countless other challenges continue to devastate lives.

We must be the people who proclaim hope. We must be the people who double down on our efforts to build a more just, abundant, equitable, and loving world. We must be the people who put our faith into action.

I hope that you will join us!

J.D. Klippenstein

Statewide Director, FIANV

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