Faith In Action Nevada

Benjamín Challinor, Policy Director

   My name is Benjamín Challinor and I am privileged to serve as Faith In Action Nevada’s Policy Director for the coming 2021 Legislative Session. I am a native Nevadan and a first-generation Mexican immigrant. Growing up, I saw both my parents work two full-time jobs as they to make ends meet. As the oldest, I was often a caretaker for my four younger siblings. I have seen first-hand the struggles that many in our communities still face to this day. This is the direct result of oppressive policies and the lack of political and civic participation which keep our communities from building power. 

   Over the past seven years, I have worked on various electoral and advocacy campaigns, as well as in the legislative process. More recently in 2019, I served as the Chief of Staff to the Nevada Senate Majority Leader where I helped usher legislation that helped improve working-families lives and expand affordable housing. This is the experience that I am bringing to Faith in Action Nevada. I will continue the fight for those with disadvantaged backgrounds and to build power within those communities. 

   As Faith in Action Nevada’s Policy Director, I work closely with fellow staff to not only be the voice of the community but to help them elevate their own voice. I work towards demystifying the legislative process so that folks can connect with their elected representatives. I will speak to legislators and in front of committees to bring to light the stories of the community. I will also work towards passing policies that will fight against the oppressive systems and policies that hold our communities from seeing the justice they deserve.

Benjamín Challinor

Policy Director, FIANV

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