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Engaging the Legislative Session in 2021 Digitally

The Nevada Legislative Session is a period of time––biennium (once every two years), usually 120 calendar days, in which legislators are convened for the purpose of lawmaking at the state level. This event means that new bills (SB – Senate Bills) or (AB – Assembly Bills) go through a process to then become laws. 

This is an opportunity for community leaders and members to have a voice in the future transformation of our state. As people of faith and goodwill, it’s an opportunity to help create a system rooted in abundance and change the problems that have arisen from scarcity. 

How to Navigate the Nevada Legislature

Nelis is the tool to use for keeping track of bills, legislative hearings, and sharing your opinions.  You can create an account on Nelis and track bills that FIANV is working on!

Influencing Your Legislatures

Finding your legislature is the first step towards influencing them as a constituent, we encourage you to follow them on social media and tag them in your posts!   

Public Opinion

Public Testimony

Here is how to leave public testimony or listen in on committee meetings: 

How to Work with FIANV to Influence Nevada 2021 Legislature

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