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Legislative Recap – 3/05/2021

March 5, 2021

Welcome to the end of Week 5 with 88 days left to go! This week AB141, by Assemblywoman Watts, received a hearing. Just to recap, this bill extends the timeline for no-cause evictions, and automatically seals nonpayment evictions related to COVID-19. It was met with a lot of pushback from landlords because they claim it would make it harder to rent out to people. However, this is not the case whatsoever. 

Nevada Legal Services reported that over 500,00 Nevadans are at risk of being evicted when the moratorium is up at the end of this month. This number has been disputed, but does it honestly matter how many people it is? Just one Nevadan being evicted is too many. It is our job to help all those who will be left behind in these hard times. If you haven’t already, please make sure to show your support for this bill here

Another bill introduced this week was AB195, by Assemblywoman Torez, which establishes certain rights for people who are English language learners and their parents or guardians. We will likely see a lot of pushback on this bill, so prepare to show your support to ease the struggles these people face. 

Being heard on March 10th is SB140 from Senator Neil, which requires those who are working while in prison to have to be paid a living wage. As of right now, they are being significantly underpaid for their labor. This bill ensures we are treating them with dignity because they are still human beings. 

There are still many more bills to be introduced. We are expecting to see a lot of housing, revenue, healthcare, and immigration. Once again, we urge you to show your support for AB161 to end summary evictions. It is crucial that we get a hearing for this bill. Visit this website to show support of these bills and come back next week for more updates on the Nevada Legislative Session!  

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