Faith In Action Nevada

The bills


AB 141

 Automatically Seal COVID-19 Evictions 

SB 218

Eliminates Predatory Practices, Fines and Fees, as well as provide a grace period for late payment of rent

sb 254

Prevents landlords from being able to reject housing applications for having a criminal history.

AB 161

A bill that studies summary evictions processes in Nevada. Learn more about summary evictions here

Budget & Revenue

SB 346

Imposes a tax on the retail sale of certain digital products. 

AB 445

Creates the Office of Government Management which would allow the state to get more federal funds for public services. 

AJR 1**

Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions governing the taxation of mines, mining claims, and the proceeds of minerals extracted in Nevada.


SB 189

Revises provisions relating to the eligibility of children for Medicaid.

SB 420

Provides a public healthcare option for all Nevadans. 

Learn more here


AB 321

Makes mail-in voting a permanent option to all eligible voters while providing other options to vote as well. 

AB 126

Will establish procedures for holding elections in Nevada to switch from a caucus to a presidential primary. 

criminal justice reform

AB 116

End the practice of arresting people for unpaid traffic tickets. Would move certain traffic violations out of criminal court, and into civil court.

AB 395

Abolishes the death penalty in the state of Nevada.


AB 376

Would establish the Keep Nevada Working Act which protects against any misuse, formal or informal, of precious state and local resources for immigration enforcement purposes, supports Nevada’s economic recovery, keeps Nevada tax dollars local, and promotes public safety, among other changes related to immigration.

AB 195

Would create an English language learner (ELL) Bill of Rights which includes the right to a free and public education (regardless of and without disclosing immigration status), the right to have an interpreter for significant interactions with school districts and information about the student’s progress in the appropriate language. 

AB 177

Allows patients to request for prescription labels to be printed in another language. 

AB 376

Proposes a Keep Nevada Working Task Force charged with finding ways to strengthen the immigrant workforce, calls for the attorney general to develop model policies on immigration issues and half a million dollars to support deportation defense through UNLV’s Boyd School of Law.

AB 213

Will give in-state tuition and eligibility for state scholarships for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) students in state law, would also secure in-state tuition for Native students who belong to tribes in Nevada as well as outside of the state.